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Case Studies

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The Power of Purpose

We were working with a large retail company with a well-developed sense of identity and purpose. They believed in providing their customers with products and services to support their health and wellness.  This ideology [...]

A Rock ‘n’ Roll Leader

One of the most significant milestones in the quest to awaken true leadership is when an individual realizes their fundamental strengths and purpose; when a leader discovers their core and true innate ability. At [...]

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Leadership Skills and Leadership Qualities

For a new leader, even one with the perfect skills and undeniable talent, the workplace can be an intimidating place. Many professional settings are competitive and demanding, and it can [...]

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The Making of a Good Boss

There is only so much work that a single person can accomplish. No matter how efficient someone is, if they give themselves more responsibilities than they can reasonably handle, and take on too large [...]

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Can You Really Love Your Job?

Sadly many people feel dissatisfied with their careers. They feel that work is something they have no choice but to perform, and they do not even expect to be able to enjoy it. However, [...]

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Gartner has cited the work we did with CVS/Caremark and IBM as being instrumental in facilitating a “needed shift in mind-set (and) …helping to foster elements such as team bonding between IBM and CVS, and [...]