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Client Testimonials

We are deeply appreciative and grateful for the time and effort Purpose Stone put into all of us. We are seeing us get to the level we want to be. We are aligned and have a strategy that works from beginning to end and we never would have achieved that without you. If we are able to cure blindness you can be very proud to know you’ve been part of that work

Dr. Ellen Strahlman, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer GlaxoSmithKline

Purpose Stone enabled us to see through the haze of competing priorities, to set clear goals and establish a strategy that gets rid of hindrances, aligned our strengths and energized us to accomplishment.

Mike Sedjo, Senior Vice-President , CB Richard Ellis

By connecting both strategy and emotion, I was able confront an issue that was gnawing at me, but that I didn’t previously see as affecting our strategy or our business results.  When I connected the dots, it became immediately clear that we needed to address the issue to move our firm forward.  I wouldn’t have done this without the unique approach that Purpose Stone brings.

Jack Dolmat-Connell, President, DolmatConnell and Partners, Inc.

When you’re in the forest, you need help. It’s like a weight’s been lifted and I now know what to focus on. I was skeptical about this process, and I came to you asking about fees, etc., and now that I’m in the midst of the process I’m seeing the clear value.

Michael Fischer, Global Leader, Organization Effectiveness Lyondell Chemical Company

Purpose Stone markets themselves as a strategy firm that helps leaders and their teams develop, align, and execute their strategies. This marketing hype does not come close to describing what they do – they have a very sound forward-looking approach to driving relationships and strategy.

Paul Hutchison, Senior PE, IBM

Purpose Stone gets teams to move to where they need to be without them realizing it. This is valuable because the change process often derails change. People resists change because it doesn’t feel like something they want to have happen. Purpose Stone gets them past this, so individuals see the change is worthwhile and the process is invisible. Next thing we know, “We’re here!”, at the results. Its’ the key to our success.

Gus Garfield, Director of Organizational Effectiveness, Cargill, Inc.

I have sat through so many meetings that fall on deaf ears, but sitting with Purpose Stone, with these interactions has enabled me to prioritize better and focus on the right work. It’s given me confidence, clarity and impressive results.

Edward Ring, Sales, Bonding Specialist, 3M

Purpose Stone opened my mind to new possibilities in leadership, helping me to get clarity on what matters most. Laura coaches in a fun way. I can now more easily take in the viewpoint of others and better discern where I want to focus my energy and apply my efforts.

Purpose Stone helped us create a program that worked for our unique culture. Laura started with a tried and true program, taking the time to turn it into our program. At the end of the workshop, she didn’t just walk away. Laura took the time to get to know us, which definitely helped with execution, and then followed up on our successful implementation of the program.

Tye Graham, Senior Vice President, HR Business Partnerships, Eastern Bank