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Executive Coaching – High Performance

High Performance Coaching

High-performance coaching is typically designed for people who have already achieved a high level of success in the workplace, who want to invest in targeted coaching to attain an even higher level of achievement. It is also designed for organizations who want to invest in employees they wish to bring to the executive level. While high-performance coaching does focus on other areas of our clients’ lives, it is primarily concerned with improving performance in the workplace.

Generally, high-performance coaching is beneficial for three types of clients:


Super Achievers are clients who are already performing well in their chosen business arena. Most of them have already discovered their purpose and talents. When we work with these clients, we assist them by working together to build upon their past accomplishments, honing their skills and fine tuning them to improve their overall effectiveness. Leaders are looking to improve all the time. If there’s no one to support them at a higher level they can become frustrated. Working with us allows that growth to be supported.


These clients are successful high performers with clear potential; however, there is usually some obstacle, blind spot or challenge that is preventing them from realizing their full potential. It is often at the company’s request that we come in and help these individuals resolve those issues. These core deficits, while potentially serious if ignored, are easily resolved through high-performance coaching, as we are able to enhance the skills and effectiveness of our clients.


Many companies have high performing employees with great potential but don’t have the resources necessary to further their success. And some individuals are just driven to excel and want to take the initiative themselves. We assist these employees by preparing them for specific positions within their workplace. Our coaching enables leadership development by preparing them for the new position’s workload and responsibilities. In some cases this leadership development allows the individuals to further their careers in another area or possibly another company.