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Executive Coaching – Transformational Coaching

Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching is a process used to bring major positive change to any area in an individual’s life.  This can be about career, transitions, or it can be about one’s life purpose. Together, we can help you connect the dots from finding your purpose to outwardly living it. In this way, you will get more engagement in life and your activities, and more fulfillment in everything you do.

This coaching can be done in any capacity from changes in an individual’s home life to professional development. It is about making sure that people are really clear about what their gifts are, what taps their unlimited energy source and how they can best utilize that energy.

Our transformational coaching process works by identifying an individual’s purpose and recognizing the gifts and talents that person has. Once that has been established, the missing pieces are introduced into the jigsaw to revitalize passion in the areas of a client’s life that they might feel were stagnant, lifeless, and unrewarding.

What Is Transformational Coaching About?

Transformational coaching is about holistic improvement. An individual cannot achieve true fulfillment unless all aspects of his or her life are flourishing. People often compartmentalize their lives. This practice fragments their life, leaving them unhappy, disconnected, and unfulfilled.

When a client chooses to undergo transformational coaching, he or she needs to be prepared for changes in all areas of life. We teach our clients how to make improvements in the workplace, but our efforts will be greatly enhanced if they also allow the transformative process to have reach further into all areas of their lives.

Design Your Future

The first thing we do with new clients is build out a development plan that we call their Purpose Plan. In their Purpose Plan we go through a process which helps them define and highlight their purpose and the reasons for their purpose.

The next step is to look at their life three to five years from now. We ask that they examine how it would feel if they were following their purpose 80% of the time,  not just in relation to their business life, but their personal life, family, and community as well. We then build out a step-by-step holistic plan that they can expand into and live their purpose.

We look at the different areas in more depth with a one-year version. We then break it down to six months, 90 days, and 30 days. And then we dive in! We start small, establishing something the client can do today that would make a 5% change over the next 30 days. That exponentially increases to a 10% change over the next 60 days, 20% over the next 90 days, and so on.

We work together to break this timeline into small measured and actionable steps. We look at what may get in their way and address it head-on. We want our clients to perceive their goals as a series of small accomplishments rather than a huge, single, possibly unattainable goal. We want these small actions to build on each other and create a real shift.

The whole Purpose Plan is customized to each individual we are working with and to each unique situation. After all, no two clients are the same, each person comes to us with their unique fingerprint and we want to honor who they are. We constantly pull from our 30 years of executive development work, global leadership, and research to attain these goals.