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Keynote Speeches

Laura Stone is a keynote speaker. Her presentations are focused around helping people understand why it is important to have a clear purpose and how they can use that purpose to improve not only their lives, but also the lives of the people around them. Stone understands that once people have tuned in to their purpose,  they can tap into an unlimited energy source and enhance their careers through any transitional changes that might be on the horizon.

While each talk she gives is going to vary slightly, she has a few main themes that she likes to use for her speeches. They generally include the following themes:


One keynote Stone presents came out of her book “A Pocket Guide To Purpose,” which outlines a quick and simple way to access and advance your purpose. It is all about helping people understand why they were put on this earth, how that connects to where they are today, and where they want to be tomorrow. And of course, they don’t have to wait for retirement for this conversation but use what they discover to enhance their working lives. They can start using what they learn today and integrate their purpose into their everyday life, both at home and work. It has been very effective in creating a happier, more inspired, and more productive workforce.


Maintaining a positive, centered, and inspired mindset is not an easy thing to do, so it is vitally important to be aware of how your thoughts and feeling impact your actions and outcomes. Stone gives expert, researched-based advice on how to become more aware of your thoughts, understand when you are not in a centered place, and how to bring yourself back to a productive mindset. Laura shows her clients how to consider and review their thought processes to ensure that their mindset is not preventing them from achieving their goals.

“It’s actually about connecting the dots between mindset and impact, and is very powerful.”


Leaders unintentionally exclude. The impact of exclusion impacts team member’s productivity, effectiveness, and well-being. We all have bias and preferences on how to get work done. The question is, do we understand the impact of these bias on others? In this keynote we directly address how our bias impacts decision making, employee engagement, team effectiveness, and results.
Successfully engaging with employees and helping them be their best is a necessary skill for great leadership, and it starts with finding purpose and creating inner engagement. Effective leaders understand the purpose of each of their team members, giving them opportunities to connect their unique purpose to the organization, ensuring that each team member is fully engaged and included.


The words transition and change are used interchangeably but are actually very different. Not only are they defined differently, but the psychological effects they create in the environment in which they occur differ as well. Most importantly both can be frightening and unsettling for a company or even a team. Learning to distinguish between transition and change is the first step. In this keynote, you will learn to develop strategies for managing transitions to improve your own performance and the performance of your organization.

Keynote Impact

Laura Stone’s keynote speeches are designed to invite audiences to start asking important questions about themselves and their life’s purpose. They inspire people to consider the power of their mindset, to start bringing themselves up to a higher level performance, to begin building great clarity, improve resilience, and to embrace transition and change so that they improve the environment for all concerned.