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Workshops and Consulting

Workshops for Leaders

Our workshops focus on leadership, purpose, strategic alignment, and mindset. Designed to help professionals become effective leaders, our workshops maximize performance, align strategy, and actualize potential.

To develop successful workshops, we meet with key stakeholders to collectively discuss what changes need to be made to support successful leadership, we discuss how these changes will ultimately benefit the company as a whole. Our strategy aligns with those goals.  

Workshops are most effective when a variety of team members from different functions throughout the company are represented. Having these perspectives is instrumental in understanding the mindset and determining how that mindset has impacted the company. From this point, we create a strategy and are able to develop a step-by-step plan of action to achieve individual and company goals.

Discovering Purpose

Nothing is as unifying as shared purpose. The most important part of these workshops is when a group of individuals realize they share common goals. Once purpose is established, team members are galvanized into a collaborative team, and the ability of the whole group soars. The discovery of purpose and the desire to fulfill that purpose is at the heart of everything.

Workshop Details

While coaching sessions can continue until all parties are satisfied, workshops as scheduled for a set timeframe. Clients may not accomplish all their goals by the end of a workshop, but they will be able to make significant progress. Workshops are typically between 6 to 12 months in length. This is an ideal amount of time for me to assess employees, cover the basics of coaching, and to determine shared purpose. If, by the end of the workshop, my clients feel they require more assistance, additional coaching can be scheduled.

Past clients include:

▪ Fidelity Investments
▪ Kimberley Clarke
▪ SC Johnson