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Why We Do What We Do

Leadership transformation has a profound effect on professional growth and personal effectiveness and happiness. With more than 25 years of experience in leadership development however, Laura Stone has seen first-hand that it is nearly impossible for an individual to improve on their own. An outside perspective is necessary. At Purpose Stone we reach clients through workshops, coaching sessions, keynotes and Laura’s book: A Pocket Guide to Purpose. A series of Pocket Guide to Purpose books is forthcoming. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and experience with our clients by offering guidance so they can improve their businesses and lives.

Finding The Spark

The energy that results from passion is the same energy found in successful leaders. The only difference between these leaders and our perspective clients is that they have yet to tap into their own energy reservoirs. This is where we step in and offer assistance. Every individual has something unique to offer. Often, clients do not realize that it is their passions that set them apart and can make them better leaders. We believe it is our purpose to draw out this “spark.” We help people honor their gifts, talents, loves, and passions by encouraging them to examine, understand, and study their organization and goals. Where are they trying to take the company? How can they step up—using their gifts and talents—the greater purpose of the organization so that it can achieve its goals?

Achieving Full Potential

Our coaching services benefit a client who sees potential in one of their employees. Whether the employee is new and inexperienced, needs to overcome a personal obstacle, or wishes to unlock their leadership potential, we use our skills to bring out their best qualities and give them the clarity and confidence they need to propel them forward.

We also train groups of people to interact and collaborate more effectively. Leadership is not just a quality belonging to the few individuals occupying roles of authority, although position and authority can easily be mistaken for leadership, true leadership is performed by those who are involved in the process of accomplishment. Looking at it from this perspective, it is clear that leadership applies to all members of an organization. Our coaching and workshops transform small teams, groups of executives, or entire companies into focused, smooth-running operations fueled by shared purpose. Then, their potential is limitless.

Our Results

It is very important for us to achieve observable results from our coaching services. Improving functionality is at the core of what we do. Dramatic, positive changes are evident in the atmosphere of the organizations we work with and productivity is greatly increased. Typically, these results are immediately observable and companies who work with us are able to access new opportunities and achieve success regardless of the obstacles they may face in their industry.

For our coaching to be effective, we expect to see:

  • Individual results in team members
  • Significant changes in attitude
  • An enhanced working environment
  • More engagement with employees
  • Improved performance results in all employees

Specific coaching results we can achieve:

  • Leaders feel confident with their mindset and enhanced skills
  • Leaders achieve greater impact with their workload and choose to take on more responsibility
  • Employees stepping up to achieve leadership positions
  • Companies enhance their offering in alignment with their purpose
  • Executives learning how to maximize opportunities to the benefit of the company